Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FSU Seminole Cake

This was such a fun cake to make! My husband and two sons birthdays are 3 days in a row, so we usually celebrate them all together. Since my oldest son is the only one that really cares, we let him decide this year the theme and cake type. He obviously wanted chocolate cake, but went back and forth on the theme for the cake until he remembered how much he loved FSU. He asked me if I could put the Seminole head on his cake. I laughed at him! I answered him sarcastically saying, "Yeah, no problem!" But it really wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be.

I started with a white piece of fondant rolled out fairly thick for stability. I set a bowl on top to cut around to make a perfect circle. Then, using a printed picture of the Seminole head, I cut out the "hair" and used it as a template. I set it on black fondant and cut around it with a pairing knife. I did the same thing for the eye and mouth pieces that are black.

The next thing I did was mix my colors. I used piping gel mixed with green and purple to make the black and piped the outline of his face. I used the gel mixed with red, orange and purple to make the garnet and piped the stripes on his face and wrote "Florida State". I did the same making gold with yellow and just a dab of orange.

I let the whole thing sit overnight on a piece of cardboard. The next day after making and icing the cake, I was able to lift the fondant Seminole face and place it directly on top of the cake. Then I just ran a shell border using tip #18 around the outside to blend it in with the rest of the cake and tip #5 to pipe "Happy Birthday" and the boys names. My little Seminole fans loved it!!

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Amy said...

Okay, I found my answer. Megan, these cakes are incredible!! Nice pics too BTW!

Keep up the great work:)